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Smart Lightning Management System

Intelligent innovation that can monitor the overall work situation of lightning protection, grounding and surge protection systems Able to provide timely notifications of threats from lightning strikes and various electromagnetic fields For the safety of life in the operating area and public areas and to reduce damage to property, buildings, communication systems, including various operating systems

• Smart Ground Monitoring

• Smart Lightning Counter

• Smart Surge Counter

• Smart SPD

• Lightning Stroke Monitoring

• EMI Monitoring
IEC lightning protection standard Which is considered an international standard accepted by all countries around the world, first published the complete standard in 2006 And with the revised version again in 2010 It can be observed that the standard has not been released for very long, so the knowledge of lightning protection has not spread widely and has not been fully integrated into society.

For newly designed buildings, most of the lightning systems will be designed according to IEC standards. Which will make buildings and operating systems in the building safe from lightning However, for the original building that has been constructed for a long time and is still in use until now, it is found that when lightning strikes, it will cause damage to the operating system, electrical equipment and electronic devices. Which in the investigation and analysis of other causes leads to the solution that is difficult Since there is no basic structure of safety from lightning to support from the beginning Therefore, it is necessary to rely on experts to inspect. analyze problems In order to lead to a correct and effective solution
Solution for Telecommunication Structure

The telecommunication towers are very high structures and equipped with components that are very sensitive to lightning surge. Mostly of the towers are placed in isolated locations, when there is a failure from lightning happened, their maintenance and reparation are very costly. The key of the communication system shall be maintain the operation continuously even during the thunderstorm. Kumwell provide the smart lightning protection system to maintain the operation of telecommunication tower continuously as a zero defect and zero shut down.

• Provide Smart Lightning Protection System
- Smart Ground Monitoring
- Smart SPD System
- Smart Lightning Counter

• Provide solution for improve grounding impedance
of the tower in rocky area

• Provide safety solution from dangerous spark to antenna
Solution for Substation

In areas where the soil resistivity is rather high or the substation space is limit, it may not be possible to obtain a low impedance grounding system by spreading the grid electrodes over a large area, as is done in more favorable conditions. Such a situation is typical of many GIS installations and industrial substations, occupying only a fraction of the land area normally used for conventional equipment. This often makes the control of surface gradients difficult.

• Provide solution for lower ground resistance in high soil resistivity area or limited space of substation

• Provide solution for smart ground monitoring system

• Provide ground resistance measurement solution for large area of grid
Solution for Transmission Line Tower

At present, the demand for electrical energy has increased. There fore the transmission line has to connect the various parts of the electrical system together as network, thus resulting in the expansion of the transmission line system as well. Overhead line is a widely used transmission line system because easy to install and low cost of installation. The overhead lines have the opportunity to cause various fault easier than others system. Especially the fault caused by lightning which is an unavoidable event in the power system which cause significant damage to the power system. Most of the problem is
back-flashover across insulator where caused by high ground impedance of the tower. Kumwell has experience more than 10 years of the research in the field of grounding impulse impedance improvement.

• Provide solution for ground impulse impedance improvement
of the tower to prevent back-flashover

• Provide solution for grounding impulse impedance
measurement of the tower


Product Grounding and Bonding

Grounding and bonding system is the foundation of electrical facilities protection. It ensures operation and protects people against hazardous currents. As well as Buildings/Structures with IT systems and data cabling have high requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measures where grounding, bonding and shielding are the basis requirement. In addition to designing a system that performs and protects, it is necessary to have a grounding and bonding system that is permanent and long last. Kumwell has provide high quality of grounding and bonding materials as well as the installation tooling to ensure the effectiveness of the system.
Lightning Protection Component

The lightning current must be intercepted by the lightning protection system. The air termination systems provide an optimal impact point and are connected via the down conductors with the grounding system. The lightning current needs to be safely routed into the grounding system without any sparking to nearby person or other metallic structures.The equipotential bonding system creates the connection into the building. If form as a faraday cage, it will provide as a shielding of the building which is basis requirement of EMC for the building. Kumwell has developed lightning protection components (LPSC) to serve all installation condition to ensure the effectiveness of the system with easy installation and economic. Kumwell LPSC has tested according to IEC62561 series and certified by DEKRA.

Product Surge Protective Devices

Kumwell Surge Protective Devices (SPD) provides protection against electromagnetic impulses from lightning and to the electrical and electronic equipment located on the structures. Although surges have existed since the creation of electrical networks, the need for protection is nowadays much greater. This is due to advanced technology making electrical components ever smaller and more sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances. Kumwell SPD has tested according to IEC 61643-11, IEC 61643-21, IEC 61643-31 and certified by VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik).
Moreover we provide the new technology Smart SPD Monitoring for maintain the reliability of SPD in the system.
Product Arc Protection System

Kumwell Electric arcs can cause heavy damage and present a serious hazard to operating personal at switchgear. Several features may cause the arcing fault at switchgear such as the aging of insulation, operation mistake at switchgear. Arc Protection Relay is the real-time distributed systems based on high-speed technology can rapid removal of arcing fault, reduce damage and improve personnel safety. Arc Protection Relay has been put in use in a number of key projects. Products are tested according to standard IEC 60255-2009.
Product Lightning Detection and Warning System

Kumwell has invested in the development of lightning detection systems covering Thailand and ASEAN. So people can learn when and where is lightning strike. Along with the lightning detection network we can detect a lightning current ranging from 4 kA to any lightning current including cloud to cloud (CC) or cloud to ground stroke (CG) with more than 95% efficiency.

Kumwell currently has research and develop of lightning warning system by integrated the lightning data from lightning detection network processing with E-Field sensor to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the alarming criteria. The precision of the system meet the regulation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where required high-efficiency for maximum safety.
KAWS Model
Airport Lightning Warning System

Advance airport lightning warning system (KAWS Model) provide high efficiency and accuracy lightning warning for airport area comply to ICAO, FAA and IATA. The airport need very high precision system to reduce the flight delayed due to optimize the stopping of ground handling and operation during thunderstorm occurred in airports. Reduce the impact from flight delayed to passengers (PAX) and provide economic flight planning for the airlines.
KSWS Model
Smart Lightning Warning System

Smart lightning warning system is prevented danger of human life from Lightning strike. The well accepted of high-performance real time lightning warning system are combination working of atmospheric electric field measurement and Lightning flash data from lightning detection networks, which recommended in
IEC 62793-2016 standard.
KLAS Model
Lightning Alert System

Lightning alert system is suitable for construction Sites, outdoor events. KLAS is a system that can move with you anywhere, anytime to take you to safety.
Lightning Warning App

Always safe with Kumwell Lightning Warning App. This mobile application will be notified if a thunderstorm is in your area. The lightning detection is very accurate and the automated notifications
are essential for safe outdoor activities.
Lightning Data

The high accuracy lightning detection system provide real-time data and can be deliver to user rapidly. The lightning information report
provide all of lightning data and activities where needed for the
required period
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