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Perform automatic inspection and part identification using our broad range of code readers and vision systems.
Vision systems are used in a multitude of applications including quality control, robot positioning, and other places where visual data is needed.
Easy-setup vision sensor detects multiple points. Features automatic focus, colour imaging, and long range models. ​
An extensive range of handheld and fixed mount 1-D / 2-D barcode readers for industrial applications.
Machine Vision

Manufacturers can speed production, minimize defects and reduce costs with machine vision technologies

With nearly one million machine vision systems installed, Cognex is the world's most trusted machine vision company. We have the people, experience, and knowledge to ensure the machine vision technologies you deploy do exactly the job you need to Make It Right for your customers.


Vision Sensor

Ideal for solving error-proofing applications; set new standards for value, ease of use and flexibility 

In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensors

The power of an In-Sight vision system with the simplicity and affordability of a vision sensor. The In-Sight 2000 series includes an integrated,high-performance image formation system consisting of field interchangeable lenses and a patent-pending LED ring light that produces even, diffuse illumination across the entire image and eliminates the need for costly external lighting. Lenses and a variety of light colors can be easily swapped out as needed to meet application requirements.

It is the first series of vision sensors that combines:

    *Powerful In-Sight vision tools
    *Easy setup with EasyBuilder
    *Field interchangeable lighting and optics
    *Modular body design
    *Monochrome and color models available

Barcode Readers  

Cognex DataMan and MX series of industrial, image-based barcode readers decode 1-D and 2-D codes, from printed labels to the hardest to read direct part mark (DPM) codes, and deliver industry-leading read rates. Cognex barcode readers can help:

    ◾ Reduce costs
    ◾ Increase throughput
    ◾ Control traceability      


Vision System

Self-contained with lighting, lens, I/O, advanced communications, fast image acquisition and software tools.

2D Machine Vision Systems

Cognex In-Sight® 2D machine vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. A wide range of models, including line scan and color systems, meet most price and performance requirements.

In-Sight 8000 Series Ultra-compact vision
systems ideal forapplications
where machine space is a premium.

In-Sight 7000 Series Powerful, modular vision system highly field-customizable to your application requirements.
In-Sight 5705 Series High performance vision systems for the most challenging machine vision applications.

In-Sight 5000 Series
Industrial-grade vision systems to solve general application needs.
In-Sight VC200
The only multi camera vision system that gets faster with each camera added

3D Laser Profilers

Measure single profiles in real-world units or scan entire surfaces in 3D  

3D Laser Profilers

Whether performing a single profile measurement or scanning an entire surface in 3D, Cognex has the most powerful and robust 3D machine vision tools. Manufacturers in all industries trust Cognex technology to deliver high accuracy surface feature measurements that go beyond the capabilities of 2D machine vision technology.

In-Sight Laser Profilers  

Easy-to-deploy 2D measurement system used to verify that a part's dimensions meet specifications

3D Machine Vision Systems

Creates accurate 3D product representations and performs reliable inspections to optimize quality

Programmable Controllers

Our control solutions set the standard — from the original programmable logic controller (PLC) invented in the 1970s to the technology embodied in the scalable, multi-disciplined and information-enabled programmable automation controller (PAC). Our safety-certified controllers support your SIL 2 and SIL 3 application needs. We offer multiple controller types and sizes to fit your specific needs.

Large Control Systems                                                                            
Control Logix Control Systems    
- ControlLogix 5580 Controllers
- ControlLogix 5570 
- 1756 ControlLogix I/O Modules   
GuardPLC Safety Control 
Small Control Systems
CompactLogix Control Systems
- 1769 CompactLogix 5370 Controllers
5069 CompactLogix 5380 Controllers 
- 5069 CompactLogix 5480 Controllers 
- 1768 CompactLogix Controllers 
- 1769 CompactLogix L3x Controllers

SLC500 Controllers  
Our Bulletin 1747 SLC™ 500 control platform is used for a wide variety of applications. Rockwell Automation has announced that some SLC 500 Bulletin numbers are discontinued and no longer available for sale. Customers are encouraged to migrate to our newer CompactLogix™ 5370 or 5380 control platforms
Micro & Nano Control Systems
Micro800 Control Systems
MicroLogix Control Systems
- MicroLogix 1100 Controllers
- MicroLogix 1200 Controllers
- MicroLogix 1400 Controllers
- MicroLogix Expansion I/O                                     
PowerFlex® AC and DC Drives are designed for flexibility, productivity, and ease of use. Our motor control solutions handle both low voltage and medium voltage applications, with a wide range of power ratings. With a broad selection of hardware, software, safety, and packaging options, there is a PowerFlex drive to meet the demands of most applications. A variety of motors designed for optimum variable speed performance and service life round out this offering.
Drives, AC Low Voltage
PowerFlex 755T
- PowerFlex 755TL
- PowerFlex 755TR
- PowerFlex 755TM
Architecture Low-Voltage AC Drives
- PowerFlex 753
- PowerFlex 755
- PowerFlex 70
- PowerFlex 700S
- PowerFlex 700               
- PowerFlex 700L
Compact Low-voltage AC Drives
- PowerFlex 523               
- PowerFlex 525               
- PowerFlex 527               
- PowerFlex 4
- PowerFlex40    
- PowerFlex 400 


Operator Interfaces

Visualization products provide windows into critical production and process information and enterprise data. Across every type of industry, application and manufacturing environment, these products accelerate development and enhance operation.

Graphic Terminals

- PanelVies 5000 Graphic Terminals
- PanelView Plus 7 Graphic Terminals
- PanelView Plus 6 Graphic Terminals
- PanelView Plus 6 Compact Graphic Terminals
- PanelView 800 Graphic Terminals
- PanelView Component Graphic Terminals


Industrial Automation Systems SIMATIC

Consistent and efficient

The scalable portfolio of the SIMATIC family ensures an optimal solution for every application area. Take advantage of the system’s end-to-end consistency: Together with integrated engineering in the TIA Portal, it will help you substantially reduce your costs and time to market.
SIMATIC Controllers

Siemens offers the right controller for a wide range of automation requirements. The SIMATIC range of controllers comprises Basic, Advanced, Distributed, and Software Controllers that offer impressive scalability and integration of their functions. The engineering in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) enables optimal automation solutions to be found for every application.

Basic Controllers
- be flexible thanks to networking possibilities 


Advanced Controllers
-  increase productivity with the ultimate power 
- The ultimate plus for productivity and efficiency 

- The SIMATIC S7-300 is used in many applications worldwide and has    been proven successful millions of times. You want your application to be future-proof? Then you should look at the advantages and new possibilities of the SIMATIC S7-1500 and the engineering with TIA Portal.​

   - process controller: a powerful solution

Distributed Controllers
-  save space with the smallest footprint 

Drive Technology
The Superior AC Converters for a World of Applications. When you depend on an AC converter system, Siemens provides the excellence you can rely on. We provide an answer to your AC converter and low voltage requirements with our comprehensive product portfolio — the broadest and most inclusive in the manufacturing and processing industry.
Low Voltage Converters

First Choice Low Voltage Drive Systems for Variable Speed Operation Siemens’ extensive portfolio of low voltage drive systems is the most complete and thoroughly integrated family of drives in the world. With a high level of flexibility, functionality and engineering comfort, our systems cover all performance levels — from simple frequency converter tasks and coordinated drives through to motion control tasks. Drive units LOHER DYNAVERT can be recommended for special applications in the area of "explosion protection".


Siemens is offering a simple and cost-effective drive solution with its compact SINAMICS V20 Basic Performance converter. SINAMICS V20 sets itself apart as a result of its quick commissioning times, ease of operation, robustness and cost-efficiency. With seven frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.12 kW up to 30 kW

- General Performance Converters 
- The versatile inverter for small power ratings
- 1AC 200 - 240 V, ± 10%, 0.12 kW - 3 kW

- The compact and versatile inverter with optimum functionality
- 3AC 380 … 480 V +10 % / –20 % 0.55 to 132 kW

- The modular converter – space-saving, safe and robust
-  1/3AC 200 … 240 V +/- 10 %
 3AC 380 … 480 V +/- 10 %
 3AC 500 … 690 V +/- 10 %
- 0.55 kW – 250 kW

- The universal converter for high power ratings
- 3AC 380 to 480 V      110 to 560 kW
- 3AC 500 to 600 V      110 to 560 kW
- 3AC 660 to 690 V      75 to 800 kW
- Cabinet Units, The universal converter for high power ratings
- 3AC 380 to 480 V      110 to 900 kW
- 3AC 500 to 600 V      110 to 1000 kW
- 3AC 660 to 690 V      75 to 2700 kW

The requirements placed with regard to motors and drives are continuously increasing. When switching from MICROMASTER to SINAMICS, you obtain drives with a significantly increased scope of applications, performance and functions.


OperatSIMATIC HMI - Operator Control and Monitoring System

As your single-source provider, Siemens’ human machine interface technology SIMATIC HMI is engineered to meet the increasingly complex processes of your machines and systems. SIMATIC HMI is optimized to meet your specific human machine interface needs using open and standardized interfaces in hardware and software, which allow efficient integration into your automation systems.

Operator devices

HMI machine based – perfect for harsh industrial environments
The SIMATIC panel portfolio offers the right solution for every application, from a simple keypad panel through mobile and stationary operator interfaces right up to a performant all-rounder – rugged, compact and multiple interface options. Brilliant display screens and error-free ergonomic operation with either keypad or a touch screen operator interfaces provide added value.

Key Panels

- KP8
- KP32

Basic Panels


- KTP400
- KTP700
- KTP900
- KTP1200


Programmable Controllers MELSEC

MELSEC Series flexibly meet the production requirements.Ideal solutions for users.

MELSEC iQ-R Series
 - The core for next-generation automation environment.To succeed in highly competitive markets MELSEC iQ-R is taking a three-point approach to solving theseproblems: Reducing TCO, increasing Reliability and Reuse of existing assets

MELSEC iQ-F Series
 - The Mitsubishi MELSEC-F series undergone many advancements, making way for the next generation MELSEC iQ-F Series, with enhanced high speed bus, expanded built-in functions, advanced SSCNET III/H support, and improved engineering evironment with parameter settings in GXW3 engineering software.

- With its nano-order speed basic command processes, the next generation MELSEC-Q Series dramatically improves system and machine performance

- The MELSEC-L Series will innovate and evolve your production site.

- Rich features and flexible system configuration in a compact size.

Engineering Software

MELSOFT GT Works3 improves screen design efficiency and utilizes existing data.Professional designs can be achieved with just a few clicks.
Drive Product
Mitsubishi servo has a variety kind of motors (Rotary, linear and direct drive motors) in order to achieve the best machine performance



Man, machine & environment
in perfect harmony.
- Servo Amplifier
- Rotary Servo Motor
- Linear Servo
- Direct Drive Motor


Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use.
- Servo Amplifier
- Rotary Servo Motor


Easy to use, High
Performance, and Compact Body.
- Servo Amplifier
- Rotary Servo Motor

Wide range ofproducts from
50W to 55kW
- Servo Amplifie
- Rotary Servo Motor
- Linear Servo Motor
- Direct Drive Motor

Series before MR-J3
- Servo Amplifier
- Rotary Servo Motor



Servo Support Software
Start-up and adjustment support.
- MR Configurator2
- MR Configurator
- Motor sizing software


Day by day, in heavy industrial use, our frequency inverters
prove their high levels of cost-effectiveness, reliability, functionality,
and flexibility.

FR-A series
High performance
and high quality new inverter of the
highest level.
 - FR-A800
FR-A800 Plus series
for specialized fields
FR-A800 Plus series.
- FR-A800-CRN
- FR-A800-R2R

FR-F series
Inverter for fans, pumps,
and air conditioning FR-F series.
- FR-F800
- FR-F700PJ
The GOT HMIs continue to provide convenient, beneficial and user-friendly solutions to the users.

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)-GOT

GOT2000 series
The GOT2000 inherits all the features of GOT1000 series, and introduces a more refined and advanced function set.
- GT24 Model
- GT25 Model
- GT25 Open Frame Model
- GT25 Wide Model
- GT23 Model
- GT21 Model
- GT21 Wide Model
- GT23 Model

GOT1000 series
The GOT1000 series offers six classes of terminals including handy type models to fit any system or budget requirement.
- GT16 Model
- GT14 Model
- GT10 Model
- Handy GOT


Industrial Automation and Control 

PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers  
Modicon M580
- The World's First ePAC Controller Ethernet
Programmable Automation Controller for
process & high availability solutions.

Modicon M340
- Mid range PLC for industrial process and infrastructure
Modicon Premium           
- Large PLC for Discrete or process application and high availability Solution 

Modicon Quantum   
- Large PLC for Process applications, high

Controllers (PLC and PAC) for Industrial Machines  

Logic Controller
- Modicon M221
- For hardwired architectures

Logic Controller 
- Modicon M241
- For performance-demanding applications

Logic Controller 
- Modicon M251
- For modular and distributed architectures  
Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters

Low Voltage AC Process Drives

Altivar Process ATV600 
- Variable speed drive for fluid management from 0.75kW to 800kW

Altivar Process ATV900 
- Variable speed drive for demanding applications from 0.75kW to 800kW

Low Voltage AC General Purpose Drives
Altivar 71
- Drives for heavy duty industry from 0.37 to 630 kW

Altivar 61
- Drives for variable torque from 0.75 to 800 kW

Altivar 71 PLUS
- Drives for heavy duty industry from 90 to 2000 kW
HMI (Terminals and Industrial PC)


Small and Advanced Panels 

Magelis GTO    
Magelis GTU     
Magelis XBT GT   

WebAccess/HMI Designer is powerful yet intuitive software to create total solutions for Human Machine Interface products. WebAccess/HMI Designer is proven in many application fields and is an easy integrated development tool.

Panel PC

Advantech panel PC combines a CPU board, LCD display, and user-friendly human machine interface touchscreen within a slick, compact chassis. Each product is a compact, highly integrated, network-ready computer with the fullest I/O connectivity. 
Intelligent Connectivity

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Advantech's industrial Ethernet solutions provide an abundance of product options including managed and unmanaged switches, PoE switches, EN50155- and IEC61850-3-certified switches, Ethernet converters

- Unmanaged Ethernet Switches             
- Managed Ethernet Switches
- Industrial PoE Switches & Solutions
- Media Converters
ProSoft Technology provides solutions to help our customers increase production, reduce downtime, and lower operating and maintenance costs worldwide. Our solutions focus on Connectivity, Optimization, Modernization, and Migration challenges, and are at the center of the Industrial Internet of Things. We supply industrial communication solutions that enable dissimilar automation control equipment to share information and transfer critical control data through wired and wireless connectivity

Rockwell Automation In-chassis
Schneider Electric In-chassis       

- Ethernet IP to PROFIBUS
- Ethernet IP to Modbus              
- Other
Industrial Wireless
Prosoft Software
Brad connectivity products provide one convenient source for specifying numerous passive interconnect and industrial communications requirements for industrial applications. Standardize with Brad system solutions to simplify design, installation and maintenance processes

Industrial Automation Products

- IP67-Rated HarshIO Modules
- Brad Ultra-Lock Connection System
- Brad Mini-Change Connectors

- GWconnect® Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC)

Communication and Control
- PC Network Interface Cards PCI
- PAC/PLC Communications Modules
- Fieldbus’ include Modbus* Serial, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS* DP and            AS-interface
- Open Rockwell* PLC/PAC to non-Rockwell networks 
- Fully integrated into Rockwell architecture

Industrial Automation Products  
- Importance of Power Quality
Power quality events are mostly random
     - Utility side: Weather, animal / trees hitting power lines, car accidents, construction, equipment failure
     - Facility-side: Starting of large loads – motors, poor electrical connections, Customer equipment (arc welders)
Impact on production
     - Shut down equipment: voltage sags with as little as 80% remaining can impact production (lights may not blink)
     - Immediate or long-term damage to sensitive electrical equipment
Consumer is responsible for power quality
     - Utility is responsible for power reliability

- The most common event: Voltage Sag             
  - Most common effect is equipment drops offline
       - PLC shutdown
       - Open contact or Relay (As little as 80% remaining voltage for 1 Cycle)
- A secondary effect is that when voltage returns, high current inrush can occur because the Soft-charge circuit is bypassed


Our Bulletin 1608 DySC® Voltage Sag Protectors protect against voltage sags and momentary outages that account for a significant amount of manufacturing downtime and damaged equipment. These DySC protectors do not require batteries, they have no moving parts, and they require minimal maintenance. They are ideal for manufacturing processes and sensitive electronics that require sag ride-through protection up to five seconds.

- Prevents damage to sensitive electrical equipment
- Offers machine to facility-wide protection
- Includes a single- and three-phase portfolio
- Provides up to five seconds of ride-through
- Protects against brief, complete voltage loss
- Environmentally friendly
- Battery-free UPS


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